News site redesign


La Diaria is a subscription-based journalistic publication.


Redesign the digital experience with focus on getting subscribers.


Create a component-based design system and introduce new features.

Design process

1. Research

  • Understand the challenge.
  • Research on digital journalism, current product status, similar products, competition, client interviews, current user data statistics, +.

2. Interpret and ideate

  • Generate ideas.
  • Make a product roadmap, set goals and estimation.
  • Plan and document features, UX, design system and components.

3. Visual design

  • Wireframes.
  • High fidelity.
  • Interactive prototypes.
Visual representation of the process.

Design system

Here some styles and components of the design system.

The design system living together

Homepage design

Article design


Some new features introduced.

Read it later

Reading time


Journalist profiles

App like features

A mobile experience that feels like a native app (web app) incorporating aspects of design and web technologies provided by PWA (Progressive Web Apps).

Bottom navigation bar

Add to home screen


Update 2018

After introducing the new design in 2017, in 2018 I worked on an iteration with adjustments, improvements and new features.

Full case study

I wrote the full case study (in Spanish).